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A Brazilian Tradition

From an original Brazilian

“Brigadeiros”, as they are known in Brazil, are a traditional chocolate Brazilian confection created in the 1940’s for a Brigadier General who was running for President.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I "cooked-up” the idea to create "Brazilian Truffles caRIOca", to share with you this very unique, locally produced, artisanal treat that is made with decades of tradition by a native Brazilian...myself.

Truffles are present at every festive event, often as the main attraction. Brazilian Truffles caRIOca are a little bite-size of happiness that remind one of a first birthday party!


My Brazilian Truffles caRIOca are the gourmet version of the original traditional chocolate and have evolved into custom-designed flavors that are sure to provide you with an exceptional experience.  


Specialty & Original Flavors


Brazilian Truffles caRIOca offers a variety of scrumptious flavors that appeal to both Brazilian and American taste buds.  In addition to traditional flavors such as chocolate, coffee and almond, there are several innovative flavors such as, pumpkin spice, lime, churro, Oreo, banana, parmesan-guava and beer. Yes, beer!

Gift Boxes

Carefully designed holiday and other special event boxes. 

Complimentary delivery in the

Santa Barbara area only.

Limited shipping available & cost not included in price.

What's a caRIOca?


Carioca "kara'i oka", comes from the indigenous Tupi language, also describes a native or resident of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Our Mission

The mission of Brazilian Truffles caRIOca is to provide a uniquely delicious and passionately created confection that is available in a wide variety of both traditional

and innovative flavors.

“In Brazil every birthday party has a plate of brigadeiro by the cake" 

- Cristiana

Santa Barbara

  home away from home

WEV gave me the validation I needed to start my own business.

Our truffles are created at the Girls Inc. commercial kitchen in Goleta, CA. Community involvement is very important to us as the best way to build relationships, create partnerships and promote collaboration with other businesses and venues. As such, we are thrilled to be one of the culinary sponsors for the

Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA.    

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Complimentary Delivery in

Santa Barbara, CA only

Limited shipping due to product perishability. Price does not include shipping. Contact us for order and payment details.

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